We are a Qualified Crypto Investor Agent. We manage the technologies that enable your invested properties. Tokenization is the process of representing the ownership of real-world assets digitally on a blockchain. Blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrency. A blockchain is a shared, decentralized public ledger that houses an immutable, chronological record of all cryptocurrency transactions. It makes cryptocurrency transaction records secure. Our focus areas are income producing  Real properties in industrial and infrastructure including food production, government, utilities, telecom, insurance, and energy/oil Industry properties. Properties supported include real property(land, buildings, fixtures), real estate with real asset value. Our RealBank(RBTQ) Token makes investment easy for everyone and brings superior returns based on our pricing. Leverage and trade now. We provide Investment Opportunities.

Crypto currencies offer several real advantages for the commodities and properties market. From smart contracts to the clarity of ownership, blockchains bring modernization to a global economic system. Smart contracts are one of the newer technologies running alongside blockchains. Dynamic applications enable programmable instructions for different cryptocurrency usage. This way it can be applied to a wide range of industries.

Smart contracts enable blockchains to meet the stringent legal requirements of regulatory bodies. As diverse as the global property market is, smart contracts provide flexible solutions. Similar to stocks, tokens with dividend features may or may not carry voting rights. Unlike stocks, holding dividend tokens entitles the holder to passive income without the need of ownership in the organization. Organizations committing to distributing dividends have profitability built into their business plans, giving investors relative certainty regarding their financial holdings. The end result of the technologies enabled to manage your invested properties is liquidity of your real estate properties invested, which means cash in your pocket. This liquid investment can be cashed out by the owner when needed. Use the liquidity of your assets to take advantage of other investment opportunities. We work with most food production, government, utilities, telecom, insurance, and energy/oil industry financial professionals from the private, commercial and government sectors. Our technology solutions makes life easier.





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